General Guidelines

- Submissions for issue #6 (November 2024) are open. The submission window closes May 31st.

- ANVIL publishes a broad variety of genre fiction. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Westerns, and many other sub-genres have made appearances in previous issues. Check the medium specific details for additional information. 

- All content must be original and previously unpublished.

- Works should be completed. Editorial support will be available through ANVIL, but it should not be a necessity.

- I am not looking for any content that is primarily religious, political commentary, erotic romance, or detailed, graphic violence or sex. If you are not sure what qualifies, send an email.


Short Fiction

- Short stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words.

- Compensation will be $0.02 per word, as submitted.

- Although we are open to all submissions, we are less likely to consider stories that are vignettes, require serialization, exceed the word count, or are written in present tense.



- Comics ideally between 5 and 20 pages.

- Compensation will be determined on a case by case basis, but will generally fall between $30 a page for things like previews, and up to $60 per page for complete comics. Overall pricing is usually between $250 and $1000. Your submission should include your desired price. If you would like to discuss pricing before submitting please send an email.

- Your submission should include a full script, thumbnails, and one page of completed art.

- Although we are open to all submissions, we are less likely to consider comics that are not entirely stand alone, fail to fall within the target page count, or do not have a complete story arc.


Submission Process

- Publishing agreement will confer exclusivity and royalties for sales exceeding initial projections, generally limited to six months. Subject to negotiation.

- Submissions for issue #5 must have been received between May 1st and May 31st. Short fiction must be complete. Comics must have completed scripts and thumbnails. Expect a response by June 25th.

- Email submissions to with the subject of `Issue #6 Submission` and the submission itself attached as a pdf. Please include the following information in the text of the email.

Email Address
Word Count


Artist Portfolio Submissions

- ANVIL is always looking for high quality artists who are excited to collaborate with the magazine and the authors.

- Our goal is to match artists with stories that they enjoy and compliment their skills. 

- Email portfolio submissions to with the subject of `ANVIL Art Portfolio` and the submission itself attached as a pdf. Formatted as follows:

Email Address
Estimated Rates and Lead Times for:
- Cover Art
- Full Page Illustrations
- Half Page Illustrations
- Quarter Page Illustrations
- Commercial Art (Posters, T-Shirts, etc)
- Samples of Work: 4 to 12 pieces of art from your portfolio, 1-2 pieces per page.