ANVIL #3 & First Strike Combo

ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine

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A Combo for Iron Age Fans!

Tempered Records
' Debut Showcase of Five Iron Age Musicians with a Hard Rock Blend!

This is the first entry in a new project to bring more ears to the talents of the Iron Age. This six track EP, First Strike, features the talents of Jacob Calta, Chillkid, JVP Music, Evaleigh Music, & A. C. Pritchard.

The CD will come in a classic jewel case with insert.

Final song list & lead single dropping soon!

This 11"x17" poster will ship with ANVIL Issue #3 pre-orders in February. It is a center fold design to allow for free shipping!

Art by Ken Bee

The upcoming, epic third issue of ANVIL! Make sure you don't miss these eleven excellent short stories & two striking comics. Check them out below:


Feature Story

The Scion of Atlantis by Jason J. McCuiston

Heroes challenge an Atlantean menace in this homage to pulp adventures of yore.



Ratel Ancestors by Frederic Guimont

A warrior monk must renege on his vow to prevent a senseless death...


A Saga of Sunsets by A.C. Pritchard & Luke Stone

A Skyfaring viking adventure where an Orc Jarl becomes king.

Note: This will be a full color comic.


Short Fiction

Havoc's Odalisque by Misha Burnett

War is Hell, and Hell is hungry.


Valiant Storm by John A. Douglas

A perfect heist planned by a crew of imperfect clones...

The Onmyōji’s Inheritance by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

A mystic and his son find a town desperate for their aid, but is the solution beyond their reach...


Golden Barnacle by Aditya Sundararajan

A marooned ship. A fabled sea-beast. A fight for survival.


The Rosabelle Parthenope by Laura J. Campbell

Space is no place for a mystery.


An Artistic Perspective by Rick Danforth

An artist trapped in a clockwork body searches for meaning


The Quantum Death Determiner by Angelique Fawns

This tool lets you know how you will die... use at own risk.


Eternal Twilight by Jacob Calta

A young metalhead thrills in a power fantasy, brought on by the music of a special record...


IronAge Media Prompt Short Fiction

The Boy Who Loved Stories by Basil Allen



Angels of Light by Ian Nol